Performing Argolida Workshop
Nafplio,  10 - 13 July

Workshop leaders

Pr Alberto Morell Sixto

PhD(C) Alba Balmaseda Domínguez,

Dr Pablo Berzal Cruz

Dr Christina Zoniou

Dr Athena Stourna

Dr Maria Mikedaki

Performing Argolida Workshop is an opportunity to experiment with different techniques of analysis and design of space from architecture, performing arts and social sciences. We try to find new ways to enrich our knowledge of the built environment by immersing ourselves in it, embodying it, leaving technological tools aside for a moment. The aim is to achieve a direct understanding of our environment and the relationships we establish with it through everyday or extraordinary actions, so that we can devise it, design it, inhabit it, represent it or perform in it, in a more conscious way.

It is oriented toward students, graduates, postgraduates, doctoral students, artists and professionals in theatre studies, fine arts, architecture, landscape architecture, archaeology, anthropology, history and cognitive studies interested in the relationship between human activity and the built environment.

The workshop will explore the mythical natural and urban landscape of the Argolida, working on places of enormous significance in universal culture, such as Argos, Mycenae, Tiryns or Epidaurus, taking the ancient city of Nafplio as a working base. In order to study these places, we will work with techniques of sensory perception, performance, scenarchitecture, documentary theatre, devised theatre, landscape analysis or architectural spatial analysis, among others.

The final objective is the creation among all participants of a site-specific performance open to the public, which presents the results of the study carried out during the workshop on the spatial, cultural, historical or ethnological values of the chosen place.